VIC Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to review within the VIC program?

Eligible reviewers must reside within the U.S. and must have a current and active (US server) account.

I have submitted my application. Now what?

Soon after you have submitted your application, one of our VIC staff will contact you to give you more details. Please remember that our VIC program is highly competitive and there is a limited amount of spots available, we choose our VIC members via a first-come first-serve basis as well as members with “online influence” (pro-active blogs, multiple platform accounts, etc.)

What can I do to increase my chances of getting selected?

Due to the popularity of the VIC program users are preferred to have an established online presence. While this may not required, having established accounts may increase users chances of getting more review sample offers. There are several ways to increase your chances of being selected including:

  1. Have a comprehensive and detailed review history on (Highly Recommended)
  2. Active online presence on social media platforms including Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.
  3. Reputable status on online forums such as, XDA Developers, SlickDeals, and Reddit.

What are the benefits of joining the VIC program?

By joining the VIC program users are given access to products before the general public as a beta tester. Additionally, reviewers will pay just a fraction of the cost for products (sometimes FREE) for newly released products. Lastly, users also have access to additional discounts and product offers, as well as access to the most recent company news.

What kinds of products are offered?

MXx Accessories caters to many different types of electronic devices, therefore, the products we ask to be reviewed can greatly differ. All of the products we give to our reviewers are final products which we expect to release to the public. VIC users will be our first “customers” and will have the ability to voice their opinions. In this way, we can have unbiased feedback on all of our products so that we may improve similar products in the future.

What happens with my information?

The VIC program is strictly an internal affair. We, by no means will disclose any information provided by our members to anyone outside our company. Additionally, VIC members will not be placed on any mailing lists. Only correspondence regarding the VIC program will be shared with our members.

What if I am not interested in any of the products listed?

MXx Accessories is constantly producing new and exciting products. If none of the products on the list are viable to you as an electronics user, just have patience, every couple weeks we will update our lists with newer products.

How will I know when new products are available?

We will announce new products on our facebook and twitter pages whenever we have new products or to update when we are out of stock of current products to review.

If I have a question about the VIC program or need assistance understanding the process who do I contact?

If you need any assistance, please contact us at and a VIC staff will get in contact with you.