Product Warranty

MXx Accessories LLC is happy to provide its customers with a life-long product warranty on each of its products ranging from screen protectors, slim covers to MXx Tempered Glass. For all MXx Tempered Glass we only allow 2 replacements per year. We offer a one-year warranty for additional products including battery chargers and cases. If any substantial fault is identified in workmanship or material with any of the afore-mentioned products bought from MXx Accessories LLC due to defect of manufacture, usual wear and tear, case degradation, we will be happy to replace the product without charging any cost if you approach us in 30 days of buying the product.

You must produce proof of purchase in form of a packaging slip or order for the product in support of reimbursement and warranty validation. After we receive the following information we will reply back with a validation of your order.You must make a direct approach to MXx Accessories LLC for warranty claims. It is important for every buyer to remember that MXx Accessories LLC is not responsible for any damage to your personal belongings due to improper maintenance and misuse of the MXx Accessories LLC case.

Limitation & Exclusion

Lifetime warranty as provided by MXx Accessories LLC is applicable to MXx Accessories LLC slim protectors, slim cases as well as MXx Tempered Glass. This warranty is not extended to MXx Accessories LLC cases damaged in the event of accident, misuse, abuse, acts of God, any modification or alteration of the product or its use for unintended purpose.

MXx Accessories LLC does not provide coverage for any product bought via non-authorized dealers and/or auction websites. No receipts or order numbers from a non-authorized third party are accepted for consideration to verify warranty.

How to Obtain Warranty Service

Do you want to claim under our lifetime warranty? If yes, please mail us at with the following details:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Email
  4. Brief Description
  5. Amazon Order Number

All of the above details are required for a warranty claim to be accepted. After we are done with claim verification, it is our responsibility to deliver a prepaid label to facilitate return from your end.

Restriction of Legal Responsibility

Under no circumstances, MXx Accessories LLC or its affiliates can be held liable to the customers or any third party for damages resulting from proper or improper use of products we deal in, including but without limitations, property damages, loss of value or any product from a third party but used in combination with MXx Accessories LLC product.

You must understand and agree that we are, in no way, responsible for any destruction or damage to personal property or electronic devices integrated inside or outside of the MXx Accessories LLC products including but without limitations, handset devices, or data loss.

Some jurisdictions and/or states do not permit limitation or exclusion of consequential or incidental damages and in those cases, limitations and exclusions will not be applicable to you.