iPhone 6 Crystal Clear Case Customer reviews

Great Case!
I received a iphone 6 Case [Scratch Resistant] Crystal Clear Case, Hybrid Bumper Case With, Flexion Ultra Clear Back Panel Cover from MXX in exchange for an honest review. This IPhone 6 case is the sixth iphone 6 case besides my ottrbox that I have used with my new phone and I must say I am extremely impressed. MXX really stands behind their product!

This phone case is really built well. I love how it shows the natural beauty of the iPhone 6 while protecting it. It is light and fits my phone perfectly. I think this is a product that was truly built with care and high quality in mind!

I would highly recommend this iPhone 6 Case to everyone that has an iphone 6 that can use it. It is so worth the little extra money!
By Simple Savingson March 30, 2015

Thin, high quality and still protects the camera lens.
Love this case for a few reasons.

First of all, by biggest complaint about the iPhone 6 is the camera lens. The fact that it sticks out of the back of the camera increases the likelihood of getting a scratched up lens. For that reason you need a thicker case. My first iPhone case was ultra thin and I liked it for that reason. However, the lens was not protected as well as I would have liked. This case the answer to both my needs.

It’s thin so I don’t feel like I’m lugging around and brick in my pocket. Yet sturdily enough that I feel my phone is being protected.

This is the best part in my mind though. It’s just thick enough to offer good protection to the camera lens without feel massive. I’t really exactly what I was hoping for in my first iPhone case, but didn’t get. Very happy with the quality and benefits of this case.

If you want a case that is ultra thin but will still protects that stupid perturbing camera lens, this is the iPhone case for you.
By Shanaeon March 27, 2015
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Galaxy S6 Screen Protector Customer reviews

Very good Screenprotector for the price
Very Good quality Glass screen protector. I have tried many others and they alwys are poorly cut or do not go on to the phone bubble free. Thank goodness for MXX.

The glass is 9h hardness which is very thin but very durable. The other competitors tend to chip and break after use but the MXX is chip free and I feel it actually enhances the colors on my iphones screen.

I would recommend this screen protector
By Big Bad Wolf “KA”on June 15, 2015

I need screen protectors like I need air I’m always dropping my phone so …
I need screen protectors like I need air I’m always dropping my phone so any production that I can offer it is always something that I look forward to I used this protector on my phone and I’ve dropped at some fun but I’ve noticed that it’s actually protecting my phone a lot better than previous production that I’ve put on it so I’m actually really really satisfied with this
By Michelle Perezon July 5, 2015
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